Gentoo on Dell Inspiron 6400

author: moritz fischer

questions or comments welcome:


-Intel Centrino Duo including:
- Intel GMA945 (using i810)
- Intel HD Audio compatible Soundcard (using snd-intel-hd)
- Intel ipw3945abg (using Intel Driver with firmware)
-Ricoh Cardreader (using >=Kernel 2.6.17-rcX builtin sdhci support)


For Gentoo installation read Gentoo Handbook and installation docs if unsure.
You may have a look at my config files:

Wireless Lan:

emerge --sync && emerge ipw3945d ipw3945-ucode ipw3945
for wpa etc. search gentoo-forums.


I compiled alsa support with intel-hda directly into the kernel. Never tried newer alsa versions yet.


Using latest Xorg ebuilds from portage I got working openGl
Using 855resolution ebuild
855resolution 38 1280 800
I got native 1280x800 Widescreen working
For native resolution automatically each time you reboot you also have to edit /etc/conf.d/855resolution
with[0]="1280 800"

Finally add to runlevel boot or default via:
rc-update add 855resolution default

Add VIDEO_CARDS="i810" to your make.conf


Using the Kernel Builtin SpeedStep features with userspace daemon cpufreqd
Different powersafe governors. e.g ondemand. Read kernel helptexts.
emerge --sync && emerge cpufreqd
edit: /etc/cpufreqd.conf, but for most people standard settings are ok
if unsure, man cpufreqd or man cpufreqd.conf
Check with x86info -mhz if SpeedStepping works, because sometimes values in /proc/cpuinfo aren't correct, maybe a bug.
Finally add cpufreqd to runlevel default or boot.
rc-update add cpufreqd default

I'm currently running:

- Vanilla Kernel 2.6.19-rc5
- 7.1 (openGL working via i810, native resolution via 855resoultion ebuild)
- GCC 4.1
- Gentoo 2006.1 unstable (ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86")

currently not working:

hibernation coming soon I suppose.

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